Chapter 13 Trustee

Southern District of Indiana
Evansville Division
Robert P. Musgrave, Standing Trustee

Evansville Chapter 13 Trustee

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All correspondence is answered in the order in which it is received and typically within 2-5 business days. We respond by the same method and to the same address, fax or email in which it was received unless otherwise advised.

General Office

Phone (812) 424-3029
Fax (812) 433-3464


P.O. Box 972
Evansville, IN 47706


P.O. Box 917
Evansville, IN 47706


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Controller / Court Deputy

Morgan M. Rignall

Accounts payable
Banking inquiries
341 Meeting inquiries
Court Hearing inquiries
Business Case inquiries

Office / Court Assistant

Jennifer L. Pack

Chapter 13 Website Access inquiries
Tax Return inquiries

Receipts Supervisor

Courtney N. Koonce

Order to Pay inquiries
Automatic withdrawal inquiries
Deferral and refund requests
Administrative review inquiries


Case Analyst

Ashley L. Sapp

Post-petition loan requests

Pay-off Clerk

Kristina K. Krohn

Pay-off inquiries
Closed case inquiries
Mortgage inquiries
Insurance inquiries

Senior File Clerk / Debtor Education Coordinator

Kaci M. Leaf

Debtor education inquiries