Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions on Semi-annual reports.

I really want to pay creditor X, but they’re not listed. Why?

The claims listing reflects all claims in our records. A creditor is not listed if we do not have a proof of claim.

There are two possible reasons for this. First, the creditor may have filed more than one proof of claim, and our records reflect each proof of claim filed, although generally only one is set to a pay status. Second, some claims are bifurcated into unsecured, secured, and (for taxes) priority amounts, and each amount is shown separately on our records. These can be identified by the proof number sequence (i.e., the number for this will be 002.0, 002.1, and 002.2).

Our records reflect all proofs of claim filed with the court, and they cannot be removed from our records. Claims being paid directly should have the word 'Direct' in the far right hand column.

These companies purchase Chapter 13 claims of several large creditors (e.g., Sears, American Express, Household Finance, or First Bank). These claims have been assigned to the purchaser and changed in our records.

This means the claim appeared on your schedules, but the creditor has not filed a proof of claim yet.

Still Have Questions?

If you cannot find your answer on our site, contact your attorney. He or she will be able to answer almost all questions, and should be your primary resource.

If you still have questions after talking with your attorney, contact our office and we will attempt to help you. We can answer simple questions over the telephone, but due to the volume we handle anything beyond simple questions must be sent in writing, either by email, mail, or fax. We will answer all correspondence in the order in which is was received as timely as possible.